How to find hidden cash in your business operation

How To Find Hidden Cash in Your Business Operation

How Do I Find Hidden Cash In My Business? from Mike Milan on Vimeo.

It’s Cash Flow Mike and right now I’m having a pool built.  While looking at the excavation site, it reminded me of the third step in The Clear Path to Cash program, Mining Your Business for Hidden Cash. 

When you look at the inside of a hole in the earth you can see the many layers of dirt, rock and debris that make up the ground.  Most of this is hidden from our view when we are looking at the Earth’s surface.  You just don’t know what is underneath until you start to dig.  You might find rock, or you might find gold. 

That’s what we want to do in your business.  Determine what’s beneath the surface.

To find the inefficiencies in your business, we look at two different groups of activities.

1. Cash Generating Activities

a. Sales
b. Gross Profit
c. Net Profit

2. Cash Conversion Activities

a. Inventory
b. Accounts Receivable
c. Accounts Payable

Cash generating activities show you how your business attracts money and spends it.  Cash conversion activities evaluate the speed that money moves through your business.

The key is to compare your current performance with the one you want to have.  Some people compare themselves to the industry average, while others compare themselves to their own business goals.  It doesn’t matter which.

I would say however, you should always use the industry average as a minimum standard.

You compare your performance against your goal, then calculate a financial impact.

How much money am I leaving on the table by underperforming?

Once you know that, you also know where to start a plan of action to improve.  Look for the biggest financial impact to your business and start there.

If you’d like, you can use my worksheets to get the process started.  Just click the link below and download the Mining Your Business for Hidden Cash Worksheet and find out what is just beneath the surface!

Best wishes for success,

Cash Flow Mike


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