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My whole focus is getting you free from the burden of any burning issue you’re having in your business.  I great at solving cash flow problems or helping you look at your business a little differently – through the eyes of the financial statements.  Everyone learns differently, with that in mind, I provide a variety of ways to get you the help you need.

That’s easy.  Just book a 15-minute Triage call.  During this short introduction there is no selling.  Instead, I ask you questions to better understand your problem and determine if I would be the best person to help.  In a lot a cases, I can give you some on the spot recommendations.  Other times we might schedule a 45-minute Burning Issues call to dig into the problem a little deeper.  Sometimes, during the Triage call, we realize that my services aren’t exactly what you need, but I have a wide network of professionals who I can try and direct you to the right fit.

Here’s the good part: I can be as involved or uninvolved as you like.  If you like self-help, some people find that buying my books is a great place to start, especially when they download the free worksheet bundle to work through the concepts.  Others want a deeper and more private engagement, where I become a fractional part of your team as we work through a situation in your company together.  Then there is a combination of other ways from group coaching, a video course, and a free Facebook community.  No matter how you like to learn, I’ve got you covered.

The Triage Call is free.  My books are between $10-$15 each and can be found on Amazon or here if you want a personalized set.  I charge a one-time fee for The Clear Path To Cash Video Course and Virtual Seminar.  I have a small subscription-based fee for group coaching, where you pay monthly and get to attend any of the scheduled coaching events.  Just jump in when you need it.  Then lastly, I can create either an hourly or retainer-based fees schedule for your business to work with you and your team in a private setting.