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How To Build a Brand That People Remember

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Everybody has a brand

Let’s talk about brands, your brand, my brand, all our brands.  How did they get to be known?  Everywhere we look we see brands we recognize from BMW to Louis Vuitton.  Which by the way is the world’s most valuable brand at $10 billion. 

There is one thing that is common among all of the most recognized brands.  They tell us what they promise us as customers and why we should buy it from them. 

Think about BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine.  We know they sell luxury cars and are telling us they are among the elite.  If that is how we see ourselves as customers, then it’s only natural that we would buy a BMW.

Louis Vuitton is the same.  When they say, “It’s not just a fashion.” They are talking to the set of customers who think of their life as a journey and LV is an extension of their character.

When I buy a Louis Vuitton handbag, you’re expecting quality, luxury, and people around me to get it.  They understand Louis Vuitton promises luxury garments to those who want to make more than a fashion statement.  They want an heirloom they can pass down for generations. That is the LV competitive advantage. 

4 components of a brand 

Most of the time was also look at the four key components of our brand as an indicator of it’s impact in society.  We consider:

  1. Image: how are you perceived in the market?
  2. Identity: how do you want your brand to be perceived?
  3. Personality: how do you connect with your customers emotions?
  4. Culture:  what is the contract you share with everyone?

The big thing to remember is how you build your marketing message.  It has to say two things about you.  One. What is the promise you are making to the customer (what you do). And two. What is your competitive advantage (why buy from you).  Repeat this message in everything you do because people love to connect to businesses, not product and services.   

To help you get started you can use my worksheets.  Just click the link below and download the Value Proposition Creator and Building Your Brand Planning Worksheet and in no time at all you’ll be building a brand people remember.

Best wishes for success,

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