The “Clear Path to Cash” Certification Program For

Accountants and Bookkeepers



Elevate Your Accounting Career and Become a Trusted Expert in Optimizing Financial Performance

Discover how to use the financial concepts taught in "Clear Path to Cash" to build and execute a cash flow advisory offer and become certified.

Your Course Includes:

  • The entire "Clear Path To Cash" video training course with over 6 hours of videos to solidify your expertise
  • Plus, the "Pathfinder- Cash Flow Advisory Services" video training course with over 6 more hours of material to help you build out and execute your offer.
  • 12 Week Trial Membership to "Pathfinder Elite Membership" which includes Group Coaching with Cash Flow Mike (A $750 Value)
  • 60 PLUS resources (worksheets, spreadsheets, and supplemental reference material) to build your advisory services program
  • Our exclusive "Clear Path to Cash" Professional Certification (administered by APMG International upon completion)
  • Private Slack Channel and Facebook Group to collaborate with other Pathfinder professionals and Cash Flow Mike himself
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Who Is Pathfinder For and How Will It Benefit Me?


Pathfinder is an exclusive advisory services program designed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers like you.

Have you ever found yourself grappling with the following thoughts?

  • I don’t know where to start building a program, pricing it, and adding it to my business.
  • I don’t feel confident when doing financial analysis and need to understand it better.
  • I need a process for working with my clients on a scalable and repeatable basis.
  • I feel like my clients won’t / don’t take action on my advice.


Look no further! The Pathfinder program is tailor-made to address these very concerns, empowering you to take your practice to new heights. With my expert guidance and comprehensive support, you'll confidently build and price your programs, enhance financial analysis proficiency, implement a scalable client engagement process, and ensure your advice resonates effectively with your clients.

Join the ranks of successful accountants and bookkeepers who have already benefited from the Pathfinder program. It's time to chart your course towards a more prosperous and rewarding professional journey. Your path to success is clear!

Embark on a Transformative Journey Divided Into Two Powerful Phases:

Advisor Training and Client Execution

There are 5 Steps in the program designed to be completed in approximately 90 days. This includes executing with your first client.


The five steps are:

  1. Train – Unleash your potential through comprehensive training with "The Clear Path to Cash" Video Training Program.
  2. Build – Create a robust foundation for your success. I will help you build your offer, develop pricing for your packages, and organize the tools / resources you will need.
  3. Sell – Master the art of selling your expertise with confidence. Together, we will build your ideal client avatar, create a marketing message that gets your client’s curiosity piqued, and develop a simple sales pitch that WOW’s prospects everytime.
  4. Execute – Put your newfound skills into action with real clients. We develop your onboarding process, train your client how to think like you, and learn how to communicate with clients in a way that drives them to take action.
  5. Grow – Witness your practice flourish as you embrace growth like never before. We help you create champions with a 10x ROI formula, then show you how to add value to “once-a-year” clients, and build a client migration strategy guaranteed to increase your average client value.


This is a 90 Day program designed to give you a financial analysis foundation and the infrastructure you need to start executing advisory services in you accounting or bookkeeping practice.


Check Out Everything Included in the Pathfinder Training Program

The Entire "Clear Path to Cash" Video Training

A Comprehensive 60-Day Program Empowering You With Essential Tools and Expertise to Maximize Cash Flow and Transform Your Business.

This is our "FLAGSHIP COURSE" taught to over 4000 business owners.

This video-driven course is a game-changer, consisting of 8 dynamic steps carefully crafted to unleash your business's true potential.

Learn the 8 concepts of The Clear Path To Cash and use them to propel your clients to new levels of success.


Here’s What Other Students Had to Say About "The Clear Path To Cash" Training

"This is the most affordable way to get the coaching / training you need to find hidden cash in your business! Get live coaching, video training topics, and other resources for your business. You even get a private Slack Channel to ask the questions you need the most help with.


12 Weeks of Group Coaching Focused on Building Your Advisory Program

Throughout the Pathfinder program, you'll experience the strength of collective wisdom and camaraderie as you join like-minded accountants and bookkeepers on a shared quest to build their own advisory program.

Included with your investment is a 12 Week Trial Membership to "Pathfinder Elite Membership" which includes Group Coaching with Cash Flow Mike (A $750 Value)

Guided by industry expert, Cash Flow Mike, these dynamic group coaching sessions will provide you with invaluable insights, personalized feedback, and actionable strategies to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Together, we'll navigate the intricacies of the financial landscape, refine your skills, fuel your ambition, and build out your advisory service together, so you can reach new heights of professional excellence.

Elevate your practice, build lasting connections, and unlock your true potential – this 12-week group coaching is the catalyst for a remarkable transformation that will leave a lasting impact on your journey to success.


worksheets, spreadsheets, and supplemental reference material

Includes 60 PLUS resources to build your advisory services program

Our program is uniquely designed to equip you with over 60 plus invaluable resources, including meticulously crafted worksheets, dynamic spreadsheets, and an array of supplemental reference materials.

With Cash Flow Mike by your side, you'll have everything you need to guide your clients towards financial success.

Our diverse set of tools empowers you to create personalized strategies, analyze cash flow patterns, and make informed decisions that drive tangible results for your clients.

Whether you're just starting or seeking to enhance your existing advisory services, our wealth of resources ensures you have the competitive edge to deliver exceptional value.

Embrace the power of these carefully curated materials and witness your advisory program flourish like never before.


Clear Path to Cash professional

our prestigious Certificate of Achievement

We take immense pride in nurturing and recognizing the achievements of our students.

Upon successful completion of the Pathfinder Course, we are delighted to present you with our prestigious Certificate of Certification. This coveted recognition symbolizes your dedication, hard work, and mastery of essential skills in advisory services.

Certification Exam – The culminating exam is 25 questions covering all the topics above. Upon achieving a passing score on the exam, you will be awarded the designation of (CPCP). Clear Path To Cash Professional.  The exam is administered by our third party accredited provider, APMG International.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone, and we look forward to celebrating your future successes!

On-Going Help and Support

After completion of the Pathfinder program, your support doesn’t end. Here are some of the options you will have to help you with implementing and executing your advisory services program.


Pathfinder Elite 12 Week Trial Coaching Subscription (A $750 Value)

As a valued Pathfinder member, you'll have exclusive access to dive into any of our group coaching sessions. Whether there's a topic that particularly interests you or an area where you need assistance, you're free to join any session that catches your eye. Embrace the flexibility of our coaching program, where you can seamlessly jump in and engage with Cash Flow Mike and other members. Your growth and success are our top priorities, and we're here to support you every step of the way.


White Label Licensing

We empower you to take your advisory services to the next level by providing you with an exclusive opportunity to use our premium worksheets and spreadsheets with your clients, personalized with your very own logo. This unique feature allows you to seamlessly integrate our high-quality tools into your brand, reinforcing your expertise and creating a cohesive experience for your clients. With White Label Licensing, you gain a competitive edge in the market, offering top-notch resources under your brand's umbrella, and positioning yourself as a trusted authority in financial advisory.


The Clear Path To Cash App

Your ultimate tool for effortlessly completing Clear Path To Cash calculations. With our user-friendly desktop application, you can navigate the financial landscape with ease, ensuring accurate and efficient calculations every step of the way.

Say goodbye to complex and time-consuming processes; our app simplifies the entire Clear Path To Cash journey, empowering you to focus on what matters most - delivering exceptional financial insights to your clients. Embrace the convenience of our app and experience a clear path to success.


Private Coaching Program

Two hours of personalized coaching support tailored to your specific needs. Whether you seek to gain a deeper understanding of a concept, apply it effectively within your own business, or tackle a challenging client situation, Cash Flow Mike is here to assist you every step of the way.

We are committed to helping you navigate any situation that arises, ensuring you gain the confidence and expertise to excel in your new advisory role.


Recertification Program

As a Clear Path To Cash Professional, we value the importance of staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving financial landscape. To ensure your expertise remains up-to-date and your certification remains active, we offer you the opportunity to attend an annual class focused on new updates and cutting-edge techniques used in the Clear Path to Cash Program.

Our lessons are designed to equip you with the latest insights, strategies, and best practices, empowering you to provide unparalleled value to your clients.

I’ve taught over 4,000 business owners and accountants The Clear Path To Cash and improved each of their cash flows by over $20,000


Seth David

Nerd Enterprises, Inc

I've known Mike Milan for many years now. I've had him on each of my podcasts and I've worked with him on many projects over the years. I have worked with many many people over the past 20 years and Mike is one of those rare guys with an incredibly high level of integrity and absolutely no BS. He gives it to you straight, and you always know where you stand with him. Oh and he actually knows his $#%^! So there's that!

Coaching for Accountants

Blaine Bertsch


Mike has lived the life of an entrepreneur for decades and knows first-hand how tough the journey is for virtually everyone. He’s known as ‘Cash Flow Mike’ because he understands how critical cash flow is for a business and how proper financial management is the key to not only survival, but growth. He has an incredible ability to share his knowledge in an engaging and clear way that translates to the business-owner mindset. Any time spent with Mike will not only move your business forward, but it could be the difference between failing and thriving.


Gary Dehart

Insightful Accountant

I have known Mike for several years, but did not really understand his depth of knowledge on "cash flow" and business financing until I had him as a guest on my podcast and on a couple of webinars. He's a great teacher and very knowledgeable on the topic. I guess that's why he's "Cash Flow Mike"!


John Lewis

National Bank of Arizona

The training provided by Cash Flow Mike allows bankers to work through real world scenarios in a training environment. The training results in the bankers having increased confidence when in front of clients and prospects!


Seth Fineberg


You don't call yourself 'Cash Flow Mike' for nothing, it is literally who you are and, specifically, who Mike is. I've seen proven time and again, Mike knows his stuff, knows cash flow tools and tactics as well as what firm and business leaders often get wrong or ignore in this crucial process.


Joe Woodard

The Woodard Group

“I have worked with Mike for years and have found him to be an extremely knowledgeable and effective – and entertaining – instructor. Mike’s expertise with cash flow is rivaled only by his ability to make the subject matter fun and easy to understand.”



Get your advisory services program up and running in 90 days

We stand behind the effectiveness and value of our program, and we're confident it will deliver tangible results for your business. As you embark on this transformative journey, rest assured that you'll have access to our Personalized Support Guarantee. If you encounter any questions or need extra assistance while implementing the financial strategies, Cash Flow Mike will be available to address your concerns through live Q&A sessions and dedicated email support. We are committed to your success!



Includes 12 Week Trial Membership to "Pathfinder Elite Membership" Group Coaching with Cash Flow Mike (A $750 Value)