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Who Is Cash Flow Mike?

Now, who is Cash Flow Mike?

Mike Milan is the business specialist behind the name Cash Flow Mike. Cash Flow Mike earned his nickname after spending over 20 years owning small businesses and learning the secrets to protecting one of his largest personal investments.

Having accumulated a wealth of experience in a number of fields, Cash Flow Mike has a passion for starting new businesses and scaling them to multi-million dollar ventures. As an Army Veteran and former State Trooper, he developed razor-sharp abilities to focus on the most challenging aspects of the business – Cash Flow. 

Mike has built service, manufacturing, retail, and software companies, as well as having trained thousands of bankers, accountants and business owners using his signature course, The Clear Path To Cash. Additionally, Mike is an accomplished author of two books, ‘The 7-Minute Conversation’, and ‘Don’t Be a D.U.M.B Business Owner’, which can be found on his website.  

In addition to his excellent in-person and online training programs and successful books, he can also provide you with advice and assistance on improving your business so that it maintains its success and maximizes profits.

What he does: Mike has built a program focused on maximizing cash in business and helping business owners implement the concepts to fit their own situations.  With a variety of ways to help, from self-study to more private one-on-one coaching, Mike’s ultimate objective is to empower business owners to conquer their cash flow.  

His approach: Mike’s services are transparent. First, Mike hosts a triage call to determine if he is the best person to solve the issues at hand. Then he will schedule a Burning Issues Call where he identifies the gaps/opportunities in your current operations and financial knowledge.  During this call, you will be offered resources that can help business owners according to their unique situations.

The combination of Mike’s extensive training experience and his vast knowledge both sets him apart and distinguishes him from within the field. Mike has worked with large banks such as Well Fargo, as well as smaller banks such as Hills Bank in Central Iowa. Furthermore, he has also presented at some of the largest accounting conferences, including Scaling New Heights, and worked with smaller on-person bookkeeping firms. He is uniquely qualified to work with businesses of all sizes and industries due to the breadth of his experience.

Thus, whether it is training bankers to work with small business owners or assisting accountants in conducting more effective advisory conversations with their clients, he has proven to be capable of expressing the feelings of business owners to financially savvy professionals in a manner that strengthens relationships.

Would you like to understand how cash flow works better?

Each week, a new detailed comprehensive blog will be published highlighting the hidden secrets of understanding Cash Flow. This will primarily focus on Cash Flow in Businesses. 

In these blogs, we will cover a wide range of topics, but in a bite-size, fun and informative format that will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your Cash Flow, and also increase your confidence and knowledge, enabling you to become a statistic of success.

But first, a question: Can you estimate the percentage of businesses that are forced to close each year due to cash flow issues?

Now let’s get back to the question; according to US Bank, an overwhelming majority of small businesses that fail, 82%, fail as a result of Cash Flow issues.

If Cash Flow is important to you, reading these blogs will give you access to a wide range of information that will be helpful in running your business.

P.S. Whenever you’re ready… here are 4 ways Mike can help you improve Cash Flow in your business.

  1. Grab a free copy of my book:

In The 7 Minute Conversation, you’ll learn how to analyze any company’s financial statements in 7 minutes or less. It includes a super valuable lesson on controlling expenses. — Download Here.

  • Join the Clear Path To Cash – Mining Your Business For Hidden Cash Facebook Community:

This is our new Facebook community where business owners who are using the concepts taught in The Clear Path To Cash can share lessons learned and receive advice from my team and other members of the community. — Join Our Facebook Group.

  • Participate in a Live Virtual Clear Path To Cash Seminar:

There are some people who prefer to learn concepts through self-study through books or video series.  For others, such as myself, it is necessary to be in a classroom environment and to be guided through the concept.  We offer a Virtual Seminar each month.  It takes only three hours each day for two days, during which you will learn about The Clear Path to Cash Program’s eight steps. 

I am so passionate about this one that I teach it myself. — Virtual Seminar.

  • Work with me and my team privately:

If you’d like to go over something outside of a group setting, no problem.  All you have to do is click this link to schedule a 15-minute Triage Call. In 15 minutes, we see if my team can help you with your problem.  Sometimes we can give you some advice on the spot, other times we will invite you to a longer Burning Issues call, where we dig into the issue a little deeper and give you some great advice.  Even if we don’t believe our program is a good fit for you, we try to connect you with the right professional from our network of friends. —  Schedule Your Triage Call.