If you are looking for more than just learning concepts to use in your business and think that a more personal relationship will work better in your company; Cash Flow Mike can help.  Our expertise falls into these functional areas, where we work closely to evaluate and improve your business.  Since this program is focused on you, we can create a package that fits you perfectly.  Contact us for more information about our consulting and pricing. 

Strategy Consulting

We work to not only establish the long-term company vision/goals, but also work to assist a company with ensuring that such goals are attainable, profitable, and competitive within the market.  Think of this as the Big Picture.  This service is good for newer businesses or those who want to evaluate their current plan.

Business / Management Consulting

We love to solve operational problems and will assist you with improving the internal workflow and processes in your company. We will address issues like hierarchy and structure of your organization to determine if we have the right teams doing the right things to make your business run more streamlined and profitable.

Financial Consulting

This is the one that most of our clients are interested in. This service is focused on the financial goals of the company and with putting in place the tactical short-term goals aligned with a coherent financial strategy.  This service can be focused on cash flow, business value, or even pricing strategy.

Technology Consulting

With 15 years in software, Cash Flow Mike can help you evaluate the tools you use to run your company and assist you in building a technology stack that works for you. Our vast experience in both building software and building relationships with the leadership of some of the most well-known products is sure to streamline your office and help you use tools to make money, not just spend it.

Sales Consulting

This service is focused on finding ways for your company to convert more leads to customers. We will be evaluating your sales funnels, conversion rates, increasing customer loyalty and retention, as well as lowering your customer acquisition costs. We will also be looking for new sales channels or ways to expand into new products and markets.

Marketing Consulting

This service focuses solely on matching what promise you are making to the customer and why they should buy from you. We begin by evaluating the things you sell then build ideal buyer personas that match. Once we have that “product market” fit, then we develop a strategy to put your message in front of the right buyers, saving you from guessing with your marketing dollars.

Brand Consulting

Optimizing the brand of a company is just as important as optimizing marketing and sales processes and workflows. We can help your business discover new ways to present the company’s assets to the public in the most appealing and advantageous manner possible. Often, we see that the brand the owner wants to display and the one the company has are different. We look for ways that the public sees you, the same way as you want to be seen.

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Any of these services can be tailored to your budget. We work by the hour, the project, or by retainer. You decide how much help you need.

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