Advisors’ Guide to Impact: Deliver Real Value, Dodge Time-Waste Traps

I sat through another bad webinar…

In the world of professional advisory, whether it’s consulting, coaching, or mentoring, the value of time cannot be overstressed. Time, after all, is the one commodity we cannot replenish. This understanding forms the bedrock of trust and value between an advisor and their client. It’s with this premise that we delve into an issue that’s becoming all too common: the wastefulness of time under the guise of providing value, and how to avoid falling into this pitfall.

A Cautionary Tale

Imagine sitting through a webinar titled “Clear Messaging That Attracts And Creates Demand.” You expect actionable insights, concrete strategies, and perhaps, a few real-world examples to illustrate these points. Instead, you find yourself 24 minutes in, having listened to nothing but testimonials. Soon, it becomes clear that the success of your brand, according to the webinar, hinges solely on your messaging—a fact that is both obvious and vague.

The session then transitions into a lengthy exposition of success stories, followed by an attempt to justify broad and nebulous statements without offering any real substance. The grand finale? A sales pitch for a “proven system” that’s yet to be explained or proven to you. It’s an hour of your life you won’t get back, spent on an experience that offers no real value, only a sales pitch thinly veiled as advice.

This scenario isn’t just frustrating; it’s counterproductive. It’s a stark reminder that as advisors, the respect and value we place on our clients’ time directly reflect on our brand and our services’ perceived worth.

Providing Real Value: Tips for Effective Meetings and Webinars

To ensure your meetings, webinars, or any advisory session stand as exemplars of value and professionalism, consider the following guidelines:

Start with Substance

Begin your session with clear, actionable insights. If you promise strategies, start with strategies. Your audience’s time is valuable, and you need to respect that from the moment you have their attention. Save testimonials and stories for after you’ve delivered on your initial promise.

Be Specific and Concrete

Vagueness is the enemy of value. Your advice, strategies, and insights should be specific and actionable. Avoid broad statements that leave your audience guessing how to apply your advice. Real-world examples, case studies, and actionable steps provide clarity and demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter.

Limit Self-Promotion

While it’s understandable to want to promote your services or products, this should not be the focus of your advisory sessions. When you do mention your offerings, ensure it’s relevant and adds value to the discussion. Your audience is there for insights, not a sales pitch.

Focus on the Audience’s Needs

Understanding your audience’s challenges and questions is crucial. Tailor your session to address these needs directly. Engaging with your audience, whether through Q&A sessions, polls, or direct queries, can help make the session more interactive and valuable.

Follow-up with Value

After the session, provide additional value through follow-up materials like summaries, key takeaway documents, or links to further reading. This not only reinforces the session’s value but also keeps your audience engaged beyond the initial interaction.


The true mark of a successful advisor isn’t just in the advice given but in the respect shown for the client’s time and the commitment to providing real value. By focusing on substance, specificity, and the needs of your audience, you can transform any meeting or webinar from a potential time-waster into a productive and valuable experience. Remember, in a world where time is precious, the best way to stand out is to ensure that every moment you ask for is a moment well spent.

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