The Clear Path To Cash – Self Study Video Course

The Clear Path To Cash – Self Study Video Course


If you have ever been stuck or had a cash flow problem, this is the course for you.  It is designed for the person who just needs a little bit of information and can figure things out on their own.  The course comes with over 6 hours of videos, digital resources and a private Slack Channel for the times you need a little more.



This is Cash Flow Mike’s Signature course called The Clear Path To Cash. It is 8 Steps to maximizing cash in any given business situation. This course is a self guided video led course, where the individual modules can be viewed in any order.  Although, it is recommended that you view each lesson in chronological order, each video is built to stand on its own. Participants receive digital copies of the seminar workbook to follow along, additional blank worksheets to put the concepts into action, and a digital copy of each of Cash Flow Mike’s books as supplemental reading.


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