Subscription Coaching and Q&A

Subscription Coaching and Q&A

$39.00 / month

Here’s what others say about The Clear Path To Cash training.



This is the most affordable way to get the coaching / training you need to find hidden cash in your business!  Get live coaching, video training topics, and other resources for your business.  You even get a private Slack Channel to ask the questions you need the most help with.  The best part!  It’s only $39 per month.

You get:

  1. Access to The Clear Path To Cash Training Videos, Cheat Sheets, and Spreadsheets.
  2. Digital Copies of Don’t Be A D.U.M.B. Business Owner & The 7 Minute Conversation by Mike Milan.
  3. Invitation to a private Slack Channel to get your questions answered about improving your business.
  4. Access to a 30 minute coaching session each week.



Click here and download a FREE copy of my book: The 7 Minute Conversation.  It teaches you how to analyze any company in 7 minutes or less.


NEED SOME PROOF?  Book the Hidden Cash Call listed at the bottom of the page.  I will find hidden cash in your business for FREE in less than 30 minutes.


Clear Path To Cash Logo



Clear Path To Cash Logo


Join Cash Flow Mike each week as he spends 30+ minutes breaking down one of the concepts taught in The Clear Path To Cash.  Part of the session will be teaching the concept, the rest of the time is committed to answering questions from the group.  Come ready to learn and ready to ask Cash Flow Mike for help.  It’s guaranteed to be the best 30 minutes you spend each week on you and your business.  Every Group Coaching client receives The Clear Path To Cash Digital Book Bundle at no additional cost. Sessions held on most Wednesday mornings, and participants also get access to an exclusive Video Vault where new content is added each month of your subscription.  Don’t worry about missing a session, you will also be invited to Cash Flow Mike’s Private Coaching channel on Slack!

Your Subscription Includes:

  1. Exclusive access to the Live Group Coaching sessions conducted by Cash Flow Mike
  2. Exclusive access to the Group Video Vault – New content added each month
  3. Invitation to Cash Flow Mike’s Coaching Channel on Slack.
  4. Digital Resource Bundle Included.
    1. Don’t Be A D.U.M.B. Business Owner.
    2. The 7 Minute Conversation.
    3. The Clear Path To Cash Participant Workbook.

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