Don’t Be A D.U.M.B. Business Owner (EBook)

Don’t Be A D.U.M.B. Business Owner (EBook)

Don’t Be A D.U.M.B. Business Owner follows Cash Flow Mike’s signature training series The Clear Path To Cash.  It details the 8 steps to maximizing cash in any given business situation.  In 300 pages, you will learn over 50 financial concepts you can use in. your business today.  Here is a sample of the concepts taught in this book.

  • Calculate transferable value – how much do you need to do whatever it is you want to do next.
  • Learn how to analyze the health of any company’s financial statements in minutes.
  • Conduct a through ratio analysis and understand what the numbers mean.
  • Find hidden cash in your business and know what to do about it.
  • Understand how to calculate how much money your company needs to operate.
  • Discover the numbers bankers use to make loan decisions.
  • Increase the value of your business.
  • … and more.


Don’t Be A D.U.M.B. Business Owner – The book that fully details each step of The Clear Path To Cash, an 8 step program to maximizing cash in any given business situation. Learn how to mine your business for hidden cash, control the speed of cash in your business, deal with the banker, and prepare for selling your business. This book is packed with easy to understand concepts that you can implement in your business today.  Learn all 8 steps to The Clear Path To Cash.

  1. Start With The End In Mind
  2. The Home Run Financial System
  3. Mining Your Business For Hidden Cash
  4. The Fast Money Formula
  5. Forecasting By The Numbers
  6. How To Deal With Your Banker
  7. The Simple Valuation Formula
  8. The Deliberate Exit Strategy

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