Clear Path To Cash – Cash Flow Accelerator Program

Clear Path To Cash – Cash Flow Accelerator Program



Here are the details of what to expect:

  • Access to The Clear Path To Cash Video Course
  • The Clear Path To Cash Participant Self Study Manual
  • The Clear Path To Cash Worksheet / Template Bundle
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with Cash Flow Mike (1/2 topic, 1/2 Q&A) 12 weeks access.
  • 6 (1) Hour One-On-One Burning Issues Conversation with A Cash Flow Mike Expert
  • Unlimited email / messenger support with a Cash Flow Mike Expert – 12 weeks
  • One in-person workday – Cash Flow Mike comes to you to help you get up and running (optional, additional travel expenses required)
  • Ongoing support in The Clear Path To Cash Facebook Group
  • Ongoing support in a private Slack Channel with other Clear Path To Cash followers
  • Book Bundle: The 7 Minute Conversation and Don’t Be A D.U.M.B. Business Owner


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This is it!  If you have ever worried about being able to pay a bill or didn’t think you could quite understand the financial statements in your business.  This is it.  You have found your people.  Cash Flow Mike created an entire support system for people like us.  This package includes a full year of support and materials to help you master cash flow in your business.  You get 12 month access to the 8 step Clear Path To Cash video course, ALL of the books, manuals and worksheets that accompany supplement the program.  In addition, for those of us that need a little more than self-help, you get access to live weekly coaching, a private Slack channel & Facebook community of people implementing the concepts taught in The Clear Path To Cash, and an 6 (1) hour sessions with Cash Flow Mike himself.  PLUS, an optional in-person work day, where Cash Flow Mike will come to your site and help you get set up and running.  It’s time to start building a lifestyle friendly business for yourself and the best way to get started to to just jump right in.


Stop worrying about cash in your business.  Stop lying awake at night wondering about money.  Stop thinking help is too expensive and get this complete package.  Where else can you get this training and support for a full year, for less than one week with an “expert”.  The best part is you can renew every year for less than 25% of the first year cost.  We guarantee you will learn something you can use to increase your cash flow in the first session.  So, just stop putting this decision off and start finding hidden cash in your business. In the end, you’ll be saying:



I’m building a free Facebook™ community so we can all learn from each other and what works best in our niche.  Join us to start your journey today.