Cash Flow Mike Book Bundle – Signed with Personal Message

Cash Flow Mike Book Bundle – Signed with Personal Message



This is a one of a kind offer only available on this site. Get both of Cash Flow Mike’s books for one low price, plus he personally inscribes each copy with a personal message and signature.

In this bundle:

1. Don’t Be A D.U.M.B. Business Owner – The book that fully details each step of The Clear Path To Cash, an 8 step program to maximizing cash in any given business situation. Learn how to mine your business for hidden cash, control the speed of cash in your business, deal with the banker, and prepare for selling your business. This book is packed with easy to understand concepts that you can implement in your business today.

2. The 7 Minute Conversation – This book follows Cash Flow Mike’s popular break out training session that teaches anyone how to evaluate a business in 7 minutes or less. Learn the Home Run Financial system that “touches all the bases”, and gives you a complete understanding of a business’s financial statements. Better yet, learn how to interpret the results and take action.

Each bundle comes with a personalized message from Cash Flow Mike encouraging you to build a “Lifestyle Friendly Business”.

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