The Clear Path To Cash – Self Study Video Course

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This is Cash Flow Mike’s Signature course called The Clear Path To Cash. It is 8 Steps to maximizing cash in any given business situation. This course is a self guided video led course, where the individual modules can be viewed in any order.  Although, it is recommended that you view each lesson in chronological order, each video is built to stand on its own. Participants receive digital copies of the seminar workbook to follow along, additional blank worksheets to put the concepts into action, and a digital copy of each of Cash Flow Mike’s books as supplemental reading.

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This interactive course will jumpstart any new business owner and re-ignite any seasoned veteran. This is a collection of 8 different topics usually covered in the best entrepreneurial MBA programs in the country. It focuses on the lifecycle of the company from developing your brand, to financing your dream, to running your operation profitably, to techniques on a successful exit. Every lesson has a story to help drive home the point and make it easy to understand. All it takes is a willingness to learn and put into practice.

In this session we’ll look at:

Start With The End In Mind

  • Define value proposition
  • Competitive advantage
  • Measurement of a strong personal brand
  • Building Transferable Value

The Home Run Financial System

  • 5 Types of business
  • Business entities
  • Dealing with personalities
  • Understanding the business lifecycle
  • The 7 Minute Financial Conversation

Mining Your Business For Hidden Cash

  • Ratio analysis
  • Initial financial indicators
  • Financial impact
  • Financial cause and effect
  • Problem and solution identification

The Simple Valuation Formula

  • Asset approach
  • Earnings approach

Forecasting By The Numbers

  • One- year financial plan
  • Pro forma income statement
  • Pro forma cash budget
  • Balance sheet forecasting
  • Comprehensive cash flow

How To Deal With Your Banker

  • Properly financing growing companies
  • The 5 C’s of Credit
  • Sustainable growth

The Fast Money Formula

  • Cash budget and profit sharing
  • Seasonal financing needs
  • Understanding different types of cash flow
  • Structuring debt

The Deliberate Exit Plan

  • Succession Planning Basics
  • Determining the best course of action
  • Building a lifestyle friendly business
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What Will You Learn?

  • Identify the fundamental failures in financial mismanagement – why they happen and how a smart business owner can spot them coming and avoid catastrophe.
  • Master the working capital cycle – avoid the trappings of accrual accounting.
  • Calculate the drivers of increasing the speed of cash – the levers can you pull to move cash through the business faster.
  • Understand how using the magic number (the financial gap) will keep you in business – without magical thinking.
  • Learn a step-by-step method of keeping your business plan and cash management plan in complete balance.
  • Understand the basic difference between profit and cash and what the banker means when they say words like liquidity and solvency.
  • Learn the 4 ways to make more money in a company, and the expense control rule that will keep your business alive.
  • Discuss the most common ways business owners finance their company, structure debt, and prepare to exit.
  • Learn the most missed step in forecasting growth - the impact to the balance sheet and how to use it to fund your future.
  • Be introduced to a technique to find hidden cash opportunities within the company by creating a Cash Impact Map.

Course Content

The Clear Path To Cash – Self Study Video Course
8 Steps To Maximizing Cash In Your Business

  • Start With the End in Mind
  • The Home Run Financial System
  • Mining Your Business For Hidden Cash
  • The Fast Money Formula
  • Forecasting By The Numbers
  • How To Deal With Your Banker
  • The Simple Valuation Formula
  • The Deliberate Exit Strategy

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