Certification Program The Clear Path To Cash Professional

Certification Program The Clear Path To Cash Professional

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Start: New Cohorts Start Monthly

Duration: 12 weeks

Price: $2995

Price:  $2995

Who Should Enroll In This Program?

Who Should Enroll In This Program?

New To Advisory Services – Get a detailed blueprint for setting up and running your program.

Experienced In Advisory Services – Get tools and resources to enhance your current offer.

Why Should You Enroll?

Why Should You Enroll?

It is an immersive 12 week program divided into two components: technical financial analysis skills and a ready to use advisory service foundational plan. It is designed to give you both the knowledge and process to get your advisory services program up and running in 90 days.

The financial concepts are focused on what matters most to your clients, cash. You will learn the 8 concepts of The Clear Path To Cash and be able to use them to propel your clients to new levels of success.

What Should You Expect In The Program?

What Should You Expect In The Program?

Each week a different topic is taught by video and live group coaching sessions.

There are over 12 hours of training videos with 60+ worksheets and spreadsheets to help you with the concepts. You will also receive a digital copy of both of Cash Flow Mike’s books. The 7 Minute Conversation and Don’t Be A D.U.M.B. Business Owner.

Here is the topics that are covered.

CLEAR PATH TO CASH LESSONS – Financial Management Training

  • Start With The End In Mind – Building an advisory relationship requires both parties to understand what they are working towards. Learn the concept of transferable value and how to build it.
  • The Home Run Financial System – Learn a 6 calculation system that allows you to analyze and interpret the financial statements of any company in 7 minutes or less.
  • Mining Your Business For Hidden Cash – Learn a technique to quickly pinpoint the areas of your client’s business that is leaking the most cash based on their current operation.
  • The Fast Money Formula – Understand the cash conversion cycle and how to use it to determine your client’s financial gap, or the amount of money they should have access to run their business smoothly.
  • Forecasting By The Numbers – This is a 5 step forecasting method that combines your client’s plan with the reality of how cash actually moves through their company. More importantly, you will learn how to forecast the balance sheet to determine if you will need additional financing to grow.
  • How To Deal With Your Banker – Learn the ratios bankers use to make credit decisions in order to put your client in the best position to secure a loan. Also, understand how debt should be used in a small business.
  • The Simple Valuation Formula – Understand what the value drivers of a business are in order to maximize your client’s proceeds during a sale. Also learn two methods of estimating a market value for your business.
  • The Deliberate Exit Strategy – Learn how to think through the process of leaving your company including understanding the impact your decisions create.

PATHFINDER LESSONS – Build With You Advisory Services Program

  • Build – This lesson covers how to build your advisory services packages including what action items should be offered, pricing, and organizing your resources to execute your plan.
  • Sell – In this lesson we cover how to identify who your ideal client persona is and how to market to them to get their curiosity piqued. You are also taught a 2-step sales process to qualify applicants and sell to them by solving problems.
  • Execute – You are taught how to onboard new clients and execute you annual advisory services offer. This included setting up an annual strategy and a workflow for the routine work sessions.
  • Grow – This module is for the advisor to understand their client journey and deploy a client migration strategy through your advisory services offer.  During this phase you will also complete 2 practical exercises to display your knowledge of some of the key components of The Clear Path To Cash.


  • Certification Exam – The culminating exam is 25 questions covering all the topics above. Upon achieving a passing score on the exam, you will be awarded the designation of (CPCP). Clear Path To Cash Professional

On-Going Support

On-Going Support

After completion, your support doesn’t end. Here are some of the options you will have to help you with implementing and executing your advisory services program.

Open Office Hours Coaching – As a CPCP, you will be allowed to jump into any group session that is being offered. See a topic you like – or need help with. Just join the session.

White Label Licensing – There is an option to be able to use Cash Flow Mike’s worksheets and spreadsheets with your clients and your logo.

Clear Path To Cash App – Complete the Clear Path To Cash calculations with ease by using the Clear Path To Cash desktop app.

Private Coaching – 4 hours of coaching is available to help you with any situation that comes up. Use it to learn a concept better, apply it to your own firm, or maybe, a client situation you want help with. Cash Flow Mike will help.

Recertification – Each year attend a class on new updates and techniques that are being used in the Clear Path To Cash Professional program. Stay up to date and keep your certification active.