Cash Flow Accelerator ( 3 Months)

$4,500 for 12 weeks of private 1:1 business coaching focused on solving your businesses issues and teaching you how to conduct the analysis yourself. Includes 12 private meetings and everything in the Clear Path To Cash Course.

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Cash Flow Accelerator Program

This is Cash Flow Mike’s favorite program!  The greatest joy in the world is helping a business owner see his business through the eyes of the financial statements.  In this program, Cash Flow Mike goes beyond the classroom training of concepts and puts them into action in your business.  Work one-on-one with Cash Flow Mike as he teaches you the concepts of The Clear Path To Cash, but actually performs the work with you to formulate a plan of action for your business.  It’s like he becomes a member of your team for one quarter!  Meet weekly with Cash Flow Mike to formulate strategies specific for your business, so you can build transferrable value and have the confidence in knowing you are optimizing your cash flow.  If you are struggling with something, get this package and put Cash Flow Mike on your team.

Here is what the program consists of:

  1. (12) 1 hour weekly work sessions with Cash Flow Mike, focused completely on helping your company.
  2. Full access to The Clear Path To Cash Self-Help Video Course, so you can review the concepts at any time.
  3. Over 50 worksheets and spreadsheets to use within your business and get your financial management under control.
  4. Digital copies of Cash Flow Mike’s Books – The 7 Minute Conversation, and Don’t Be A D.U.M.B. Business Owner.
  5. Invitation to a Private Teams Channel to collaborate on topics specific to your business.