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The Clear Path To Cash

In the first book, The Clear Path To Cash, Mike Milan talks about his training program for small business owners and their advisers. He has training done for webinars and in-person seminars, a coaching program, and a podcast. The book will have the author’s story that is met with academic concepts. Too often small business owners feel like they are being talked down to so they don’t respond to good advice. The training style speaks to the average business owner, who is great at their job but is not financially sophisticated. Thus, the author takes complex concepts and make them easy to understand. These concepts are well known, so they can be checked against any business book on the market. The second book is titled, 7 Minute Conversation: Quick and Easy Guide To Completely Understanding Small Business Financials. In this book, Mike Milan tells about his experience for the past 3 years where has given a 60-90 minute workshop on “The 7 Minute Conversation”.  This strategy is about six things a business owner should look at each month to understand the financial health of their business. The authors want this book to be the written extension of the seminar, so people can attend and follow up with what needs to be done after the initial brief.

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