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 Mike is one of the highest rated instructors in the nation on the topic of financial management for small business owners. He has built or helped build multiple companies from the ground up by transforming ideas into multi-million dollar enterprises.

Cash Flow Mike solved his first major cash flow problem with a combination of cash and receivable based businesses. To offset the lag time his hotel staffing company experienced while collecting invoices, he started a restaurant with the staff that was being underutilized in the hotels. This brought in cash every day and kept his workforce employed. Both services helping each other and creating a cash flow machine. You can expect this type of innovative solution, in every lecture, book or video produced by Cash Flow Mike.

The Clear Path To Cash is based on the belief that every business owner can fulfill their dreams by understanding and acting on the financial issues they encounter every day. Ultimately business owners can make more money and build a lifestyle friendly business where they get more time for themselves.

Mike holds and MBA from Baylor University and is passionate about helping business owners focus on what matters most in their business. Cash.

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